HWY 299 RSP Install and Road Reconstruction

This projects consists of slope modifications and highway reconstruction at two separate slope failure locations along highway 299 in Humboldt County. Location 1 comprised of 0.83 acres of disturbed area and Location 2 comprised of 0.54 acres of disturbed area. At location 1, a landslide area was repaired by removing slide material from the slope and slide material that was encroached onto the road. A rock slope buttress was constructed and 16 horizontal drains will be installed in the hillside. The slope is finished with 1/2-ton RSP with a soil cover and hydroseed blanket. At location 2, a slip-out was repaired by removing excess material, removing and replacing a drainage inlet and down-drain culvert, constructing a rock slope buttress, and repairing the damaged roadway.