La Riviere Marsh Bridge & Marshland

bridge over creek bedLa Riviere Marsh Bridge & Marshland

Contract Amount:
$4,267,642.00        Final Amount: $4,847,903.45

Original Completion Date: January 31, 2018

Actual Completion Date: April 20, 2018, difference is due to extra work and change of scope, ie. grading, water lines, and structural changes

Location: Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge- Fremont, CA

Owner: Federal Highway Administration, Central Federal Lands (FHWA)


Project Description:

The La Riviere bridge is the main access to the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge and the pedestrian path over the Dumbarton Bridge in Fremont, CA. The scope of work for this project consisted of: Removing and replacing the La Rivere Bridge, installation of large culverts and 300' temporary detour, increased the span of the new bridge from the old bridge footprint, removing and replacing large water and sewer lines, significant de-watering and installation of coffer dams in the San Francisco Bay, installation of RSP, pulverized existing roadway and re-paved, curb asphalt, a large Wetland Mitigation project adjacent to the bridge, installed over 450 plantings of multiple species throughout the site, along with hydroseding The following permits were used: CDFW 1600, RWQCB 401, ACOE 404, and a Risk Level 2 SWPPP. Want to learn more about this project? Please visit here.