Mad River 1S06 Road Repair Contract

Duration:  6/9/13-8/25/13
Owner(s): United States Department of Agriculture
Original Contract Amount:  $608,175.60 
Final Contract Amount: $788,133.35
Description: Project scope included a comprehensive reconstructive plan that incorporates the Ruth Reservoir Road's aging structures that had become a major threat to the integrity of the Humboldt Municipal Watershed.  Replacing stream crossings and drain structures to decease erosion and sedimentation.  This work also included excavation of 8 miles of existing road, which included; rough grading, constructing retaining walls, installing Geogrid and fabric to secure road structures, hauling and laying down of 15,000 cy of aggregate, compaction, repairing slides, installing rip/rap, installing and removing culverts, drop inlets, invert paving of culverts, installation of culvert liners, removal of trees and de-watering, Re-vegetation occurred at all disturbed areas.