Management Team

Hugh "Macky" McCullough Jr. (President)

Macky is the founder of the company. He has over 40 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry. He has a passion for completing projects with integrity and takes the needs of his clients seriously. He is innovative and is no stranger to putting in many hours to ensure clients are satisfied.

Dena McCullough (Vice-President)

Dena McCullough has managed the company alongside her husband while also teaching in the community and then serving as a principal and later a Superintendent at (2) local school districts. She serves as the Vice-President of the company.

Rachelle McCullough-Hicks (Business Manager)

Rachelle McCullough-Hicks grew up in the construction company and has experience with the many hours required to complete jobs successfully. She joined the company full time in 2008 after completing her business degree at Humboldt State University. She brings valuable services to the company with her knowledge of accounting procedures necessary for meeting state and federal projects requirements.

Janelle McCullough-Jones (Human Resources)

Janelle McCullough-Jones also grew up in the construction company and has become familiar with the staffing requirements necessary to complete projects in a timely manner. She joined the company full time in 2009 after completing her Bachelor of Science degree at Humboldt State University.

Cliff Poulton (Estimator/Project Manager/QCS)

Cliff joined our team in 2016 bringing a wealth of knowledge in estimating and the construction industry through both private and public sectors.

Chelsey Rios (Project Manager)

Chelsey joined our team in 2015, she has project management experience at both the state and federal level. She holds multiple certificates including Army Corps Quality Management Certification, Qualified Stormwater Practitioner, and ATSSA Certified Traffic control Supervisor to aid in her management practices.

Jennifer Larkins (Accounts Payable)

In 2016, Jennifer brought her many years of experience in HR, A/R, and A/P to our growing team. 

Clint Hooper (Foreman)

Clint joined the company in 2008 as an equipment operator and foreman. He has 8 years experience operating and overseeing restoration and public work projects.

John Carmesin (Foreman)

John joined the company in 2004 and has experience running all equipment and managing a construction project. He brought over 30 years of construction experience to the company.

Clay Hicks (Foreman)

Clay Hicks joined the company part-time in 2002 while pursuing his aeronautical engineering degree from Embry Riddle. He brought a wealth of engineering experience to the company when joining us full time in 2008.

Adrian Rios (Heavy Equipment Mechanic)

Adrian started with the company in 2012, he usues his knowledge, experience, and education daily to perform repairs and maintenance on our 300+ pieces of equipment.